After Upgrade: US Air Force New F-15 Can Jam Enemy Radars

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 The U.S. Air Force is moving quickly to prove its new F-15s can jam enemy radars.

The capability is critical. The flying branch could count on a fleet of factory-fresh F-15EXs, packing high-tech Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System jammers, not only to protect themselves—but to protect other fighters, as well.

In a sense, the Boeing-made F-15EX Eagle II might end up being more than just a fighter. It could double as an escort jammer, belatedly replacing the EF-111s that the USAF retired without replacement back in 1998.

The two twin-engine F-15EXs, which belong to the 85th and 40th Test and Evaluation Squadrons at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, last week traveled to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada for realistic tests.

The F-15EXs are spending a week flying mock combat sorties alongside older F-15E Strike Eagle ground-attack fighters and even older F-15C Eagle air-to-air fighters.